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Can you die in your own dream?

I heard that it is impossible to die in a dream. Is this true?

2262 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

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Posted 1785 day ago

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In fact there have been a few reported cases in which the dreamer dies in real life although this is extremely rare because typically the person has a severe psychological or physical illness that you almost immediately know that there was a problem with you, it can occur from 2 different illnesses. One of them is where your breathing at night becomes extremely slow or labored in which case many people have to wear an oxygen mask at night one of them can result from night terrors where a person becomes very stressed in a nightmare causing a stroke or heart attack which requires powerful medications I know about this night terrors one because my friend has them. I hoped I helped you as much as i can.

Posted 2202 day ago

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This is a common myth. It is possible for your dream-self to die in your own dream, and, no, if you die in your own dream, you do not die in real life. Many people experience dreams in which they die and the dream continues. Most of us, however, tend to wake up just before or as we die in a dream. One factor that can play a part on whether we die in a dream is the perspective from which our dreams take place. If you think of a dream as a literary piece, we usually play the narrator of our own dream. Sometimes the dream takes place from a first-person perspective. That is, we see the dream as though it were through our own eyes. When we die in this type of dream, no narrator exists to continue the story. Some people dream in a third-person limited perspective. In this type of dream, the dreamer is a character in the dream, but a second identity of the dreamer exists as a disembodied observer who can see everything that goes on, including themselves, but does not have access to the thoughts of the other characters. Yet other people dream from a third-person omniscient perspective in which they know the thoughts and feelings of everyone in the dream. It is these third-person dreams in which death of the self is more common. Sometimes these dreams can become overly complicated. I once had a dream where I died, but then I became a ghost, so my body was dead, but my thoughts continued in spirit. Some people have had dreams in which they are not even in them. They are either someone else or just an invisible observer. If you do die in your own dream, it may cause an increased heart rate or perspiration in real life, but no one has ever been known to die from dreaming.

Posted 2262 day ago

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