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How to get water out of your ears

The last couple times I've been swimming, I've gotten water stuck in my ear. It's bothersome and I can't hear very well when the water is in there.

2275 day(s) ago

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While most people have no problem with water getting in their ears and having it come out all its own, many people suffer from water getting stuck in their ears. For some people, this happens only once in a blue moon. For others, it is with every submersion. I know of a few methods that can be used to get water out of your ears. Some methods are better than others, but it may depend on the situation in determining which is best.

1. Tap – Tilt the waterlogged ear downward and gently tap the palm of your hand against your head just above the opposite ear, kind of like a bottle of ketchup.

2. Attraction – Hold the waterlogged ear upward. Use a dropper to drip two drops of water into the ear that already has the water in it. Invert the position of your head with a quick motion so the waterlogged ear is facing downward. Sometimes the new water will wick out the old water.

3. Sleep – Don’t worry about the water at the moment. Go home. Lie down. Take a nap. The water often clears out on its own while you sleep.

4. Hairdryer – Use a hairdryer on low settings or just use the fan. The heat really isn’t important. It’s more of the action of the fan. Don’t hold the hairdryer too close. Keep it at least 6 inches from the ear.

5. Tug – Pull on your earlobe while tilting the ear downward.

6. Alcohol – Mix one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol with one teaspoon of white vinegar. Use a dropper to drip a couple drops in the ear. The alcohol will wick out the water and then the alcohol itself will evaporate.

7. OTC drops – Over-the-counter drops actually work just like above. The active ingredient is alcohol.

Posted 2275 day ago

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