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Can women get pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

I just pull-out before I ejaculate when I have sex with my girlfriend, but I heard that a girl can still get pregnant.

3709 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

YES!!!!!! Pull out is one of the worst "birth control" methods. Sperm exist in your semen. My friend did the pull out method. He know has two kids....

Posted 3144 day ago

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Pre-ejaculate, also known as pre-seminal fluid, pre-ejaculatory fluid, or, colloquially, pre-cum, is a clear liquid that is spontaneously emitted from a manís penis when he is sufficiently aroused. Pre-ejaculate can be emitted during the stages of initial arousal, while masturbating, or at any time during sex. It is produced by the same glands that produce seminal fluid. Pre-ejaculate helps to lubricate the genitals during sexual intercourse, and it is also a mild acid neutralizer. The amount of pre-ejaculate emitted ranges from none at all to 5 milliliters. The natural acids present in the vagina help to protect the woman against infection, but they also serve to kill or otherwise hinder the movement of sperm.

Although sperm is not released by the body during pre-ejaculation, it is possible for some sperm to be in the urethra from previous full ejaculations. Most sperm is washed out of the urethra while urinating, but, in some instances, sperm may still be present. This sperm may be emitted with pre-ejaculate, leading to pregnancy. Admittedly, pregnancy from pre-ejaculate is a rare occurrence, but enough reports of pregnancy occurring without full ejaculation into the vagina suggest that using the withdrawal, or pull-out, method is not sufficient as a form of birth control. Whether a man ejaculates into a womanís vagina or not, pregnancy can occur from pre-ejaculate with left-over sperm in it.

In addition to causing pregnancy, pre-ejaculate has been determined to carry pathogens, viruses or bacteria, which cause sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases can be transmitted from pre-ejaculate just as well as they can be from semen. This stresses the importance of wearing a condom during sex. Condoms have been found to be the safest and most effective form of birth control and STD control other than complete abstinence.

Posted 3709 day ago

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Question Title Can women get pregnant from pre-ejaculate?
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