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What is wet dog smell?

I'm more of a cat person, so I don't know a whole lot about dogs. Why do they smell so bad when they are wet?

2943 day(s) ago

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Anyone who owns, has owned, or even come into regular contact with a dog knows that when they get wet, they exude a very disagreeable odor. Wet dog smell is often listed as one of the most annoying aspects of dogs. Even dogs who receive regular grooming can still suffer from wet dog smell should they come into contact with water. Some dogs can even smell when they are wet after just having had a bath. Of course, the number one cause of wet dog smell is poor hygiene. For most dogs, a good shampooing will take care of the problem. Dogs love to roll around in or otherwise engage dirt as they walk, run, and play. Unfortunately, dogs are ill-equipped in cleaning themselves. They can take care of the important parts, but much of their coat is out of reach for good cleaning. After cleaning, it is important to dry them thoroughly and completely. It is preferable to use a blow dryer whenever possible.

Dogs produce a natural oil in their skin, much like we do. The oil plays an important role in the health of the dog. The bad part is that bacteria like to feed on this oil and it is the bacteria that help to cause most of the smell. Bacteria also like water. So, a wet dog provides bacteria with an ideal environment full of food. When the bacteria eat and reproduce they give off a chemical that creates the smell. Some dogs have more oily skin and fur than others. Usually, the dogs with more oil will smell worse than dogs with less oil. The oil production is not always due to the breed. Individual dogs can be sensitive to allergens, and, as a result, they produce oil as a reaction.

Posted 2943 day ago

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