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What's the difference between men's and women's razors?

Why do they make men's and women's razors? There must be a difference, right?

3725 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

The biggest difference between menís and womenís razors is in how they are marketed. The difference in marketing to women instead of men leads manufacturers to make them different colors, such as pink or an array of pastels. The packaging is also different. The packaging for menís razors is usually to induce a feeling of ruggedness or sharp steel. The razor is depicted like a tool, a chisel to work the hard, rugged face of a real man. The packaging for womenís razors invokes a mountain spring adorned with wildflowers, or some other soft or sentimental images. The razor for women is depicted more as a paint brush to bring out the delicate beauty of the woman. The handle of the razor is another feature that is often different. Women tend to get wider handles. Manufacturers also like to experiment more with the handles for womenís razors, introducing circle-shaped handles or other oddly-shaped short handles.

As for the actual razor Ė no, there is no difference between menís and womenís razors. The blades come from the same factory and are assembled in virtually the same way. If it seems that there is a difference between your other halfís razor and yours, check to see if the price point and brand is the same. If they are made by different companies, of course there will be a difference. Higher priced razors will also be different from lower priced razors made by the same company. Many women report that they prefer to use menís razors because they like the feel of the handle more than womenís razors. These are usually on the higher-end models. The lower-end razors use the same handles, but with a different color.

Posted 3725 day ago

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Question Title What's the difference between men's and women's razors?
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