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How to draw a car

How do I draw a car?

3844 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Like anything else, there's an accurate way to draw, and a useful way. For example, most cartoonists draw cars with a low door height and tall glass to show more action inside the cab. What follows below are some tips on making an accurate car. Modify them to suit your needs.

If you want to draw a real car, you can take a picture of one and put a grid over it as a guideline. Statistics are readily available from automaker websites, so if you know the size of other objects you are drawing, you can draw the car to scale.

If your character is sitting in the seat, the head will be close to the back of the door, the knees will be close to the front of the door, and the feet will be just behind the front wheel well. The window will start just below the armpit. Remember that people sit at a reclined angle, with their knees slightly elevated. Height is about the same on all cars, but length can vary widely: an original Mini Cooper is six feet long, while a Ford Crown Vic is 17 1/2 feet long.

To draw a car in motion, take your basic design and adjust according to suspension reactions. At high speeds, cars lean in the opposite direction of where they are turning. The car will pitch forward under hard braking, and back under hard acceleration. Wheels are slightly inboard: when a car turns, the front wheels rarely extend past the fenders.

If you want to see some expert drawings of cars in motion, pick up a copy of "Initial D." This drifting-centered car manga is filled with race scenes displaying accurate drawings of real-world cars pushed to their limits.

Posted 3844 day ago

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