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Can Men Run Out of Sperm?

Do men stop making sperm or if they have sex too much in one day, does sperm run out?

2966 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

No. Healthy men do not run out of sperm. Generally, the time it takes of a man to recover from ejaculation increases with the less sperm and semen he has stored in his body. Fertile men release over 20 million sperm per ml of semen and it is never fully expended. Even if a man has several orgasms, the body is continuously producing sperm, so by the time he has another one, new sperm are ready to go. It may not be the full 20 million/ml, but it only takes one to get a woman pregnant.

To increase the chances of pregnancy, sperm are produced constantly inside the testes. They live for a few days and when they near death, they are reabsorbed back into the body to make room for new, fresh sperm. Some environmental and conditional factors can decrease sperm production, but nothing can stop it. Too much heat, smoking, drinking, and tight clothing will all limit the production of sperm, but, rest assured, some will still get through. Additionally, unlike women, who become infertile around age 50, many men never stop producing sperm as long as they live. Sperm production has shown to decrease after age 35, and gets worse each year thereafter, but men have been known to get younger women pregnant into their 80s.

Posted 2966 day ago

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Question Title Can Men Run Out of Sperm?
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