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Which Action Requires The Most Muscles to Complete?

I want to exercise efficiently. Which action can I do to work the most muscles all at once?

3741 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

For the most part, the action that requires the most muscles to complete would be a voluntary tensing of every muscle you have direct control over, all at the same time. To accomplish this, begin with your toes. Curl them or straighten them. These will both use a lot of muscles. Then, work up to your calves. Tense your calves until you feel it in your knees. Now, add your thighs, and your gluteus maximus, or butt. After this, tense your groin and stomach. Hold these muscles tight and then flex your pectorals and chest. Add your shoulders to the mix. Now, flex your neck. Pull your lips back in a savage snarl while raising your forehead as much as you can. Finally, tense your arms, and hold both hands in fists. Donít hold this position too long, though, or you might give yourself an aneurism.

All-in-all, I would have to say that this action will require the most muscles to complete. For any sort of regular exercise, you should not worry so much about trying to work the most muscles in a single exercise. It is always best to work a variety of muscles and concentrate on one single area. This way, you can give your full attention to that area. Instead of trying to accomplish more with less work, speak to a personal trainer about which muscles are the most useful to build and which exercises will build them. In exercise, as well as most other aspects of life, quality is always better than quantity.

Posted 3741 day ago

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Question Title Which Action Requires The Most Muscles to Complete?
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