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How to Date

What are some ideas to help me start dating?

3005 day(s) ago

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On the surface, dating seems easy. Just ask a girl or guy that you like to go somewhere or do something with you. That’s it. Sounds simple for most of us. That is, until we try it. Like most other things in life, dating has little complexities that make it more difficult. Most of the complexities with dating are psychological, so it is just a matter of overcoming our fears and acting with confidence. If you are one of the millions of people who don’t know how to begin dating, a few simple tips can help you immensely.

First, do not let the fear of rejection stop you from asking for a date. This is the number one reason why people have a difficult time dating. They don’t want to be rejected. Even if a first date is successfully acquired, some people ruin it by letting their fear control them, so they are not acting like themselves. To make dating easier, look for someone who has something in common with you. The best places to find a girl or guy to date are at school, work, church, or club. Chances are much greater of a successful date when you have something built-in to talk about. Talking about common experiences is a good way to break the ice and lead in to more personal subjects.

Another good rule of thumb is to not wait until the last minute. It is considered bad form to ask someone out on a date on the same day you are asking them. This also increases the likelihood that the person you are asking already has plans. Two or three days prior is considered the best time to ask.

Posted 3005 day ago

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