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How to jump higher

How can I increase my vertical leap?

4510 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Your leg muscles play a big part in your jump, but so do your abs, feet, and toes. Jumping rope, running barefoot, and doing crunches will help as much as traditional leg exercises like squats.

Jumping is an explosive movement, and the best exercise for explosive movements is plyometrics. Unlike weightlifting, these exercises work on releasing energy as quickly as possible.

It also wouldn't hurt to lose weight. The less mass you have, the less you have to push into the air.

Now you're ready to jump. Make sure your knees are turned straight. Most ACL injuries are a result of the knee turning inward during a jump. Think of your body as a series of levers: start by moving your arms up, followed by your torso, legs, your feet, and finally your toes. Each twist is increasing your momentum.

Landing is the reverse of jumping. Look at the video. Notice when he lands, he's striking with the ball of the foot, and his knee is slightly bent. This way he's using his leg like a giant spring, absorbing the impact.

Posted 4510 day ago

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