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How to negotiate

How do I negotiate?

4509 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
Research: If you know what you're dealing with and what it's worth, you will be able to target your offers accurately. Remember that while you're looking for a deal, the seller still needs to make a profit.

Start at a high position: Even if you want less, ask for as much as you can, within reason.

Wait: Talk to anyone who deals with Westerners in world politics, and they'll tell you that we are so impatient that they can get whatever they want if they take enough time. If you have the other party in a position where they must make deal with you, take advantage of this. Eventually they'll become so frustrated they'll give in and take your offer.

Ask for perks: Values of items are different depending on which side of the deal you're on. Why do car dealers throw in floor mats? They cost the dealer next to nothing, but if you were to buy them retail they'd be a couple hundred dollars.

Get estimates in writing: What is said means nothing, but if you can show that you can go to another seller and get the same thing for less, you have a very powerful negotiation tool.

Talk about your offer, not theirs: If you mention their offer, you're suggesting you might be willing to take that.

Signal you're near an acceptable offer with tapering.

Posted 4509 day ago

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