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How to make a tutu

How do I make a tutu?

4510 day(s) ago

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Tutus are made of tulle fabric, a type of plastic netting. You can buy this at any fabric store. A child's tutu will need at least two yards of fabric, while adult-sized tutus will need 6-8, depending on how tightly you place the strips. The fabric will need to be cut into strips 3" in width. It's easier to cut tulle that has been rolled up: fabric scissors will go through layers of this fabric with ease, and it will help make the cuts more even.

The waist band can be made from an elastic strip or a piece of ribbon. If you are using elastic, the band should be 2-3" shorter than the waist of the wearer. The tulle is knotted onto the band using a tutu knot.

First, make a "U" shape with the tulle strip and place the waistband on top, like this:
I I <- Tulle ends
--- <- Waistband
U <- Loop

Now, fold the ends of the tulle over and thread them through the loop:

-U-<- The loop should be tightened over the waistband.
/ \ <-Tulle ends

Repeat until the waistband is covered. The ends of the band can be clipped together with a safety pin, or you can leave some extra ribbon on the end to make a bow as shown in the video. If you want the fabric to stand up more, use ribbon stiffening spray: regular starch won't work on tulle.

Posted 4510 day ago

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