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How to make French Toast

How do I make French Toast?

4510 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Mr. Boxy
French toast is bread soaked in a milk and egg mixture which is then pan fried. Any sliced bread will work.

First, you will need to make a shallow pan of egg mixture. For each cup of milk, beat in one egg. There should be enough mix in the pan that it covers at least half the bread slice when you drop it in.

Dip both sides of the bread slice in the milk mixture. Some people cook the soaked bread and then sprinkle it with powdered sugar, syrup, or honey like the recipe above. Personally, I prefer to dredge the bread through a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon before cooking so the heat from the pan caramelizes the sugar. Fry in a pan with some butter at medium heat until golden brown. It should take 1-2 minutes to cook each side.

A Monte Cristo sandwich uses the same cooking method, but the entire sandwich is dipped in the egg mixture and cooked.

Posted 4510 day ago

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