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How do dogs mate?

How do dogs mate?

3403 day(s) ago

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Mating begins with a nice dinner date. It's well known that dogs like Italian food and are particularly fond of accordion music.

You didn't expect a video of real dogs mating, did you?

Dog reproduction works very differently from humans. Female dogs typically go into heat every six months, and this period lasts about three weeks. When female dogs are in heat, they will "flag," moving the tail to the side to give the male dog access. They will let pretty much any dog mate, and mating almost always results in pregnancy, so if your dog is in heat you need to keep a close eye on her at all times to avoid unexpected litters.

Male dogs do not have an epididymis to hold sperm, so it has to be released as soon as it's produced. The animals become "tied" by the bulbus glandis, a bulb at the base of the penis which will fill with blood locking the penis into the vagina, ensuring semen goes in. Because of this, dogs should never be separated when mating as this can cause tissue damage. Sex can take anywhere from five to twenty minutes.

Female dogs will first go into heat when they are seven or eight months old, depending on the breed: smaller dogs start earlier. Most breeders don't start breeding a dog until it is at least two years old to increase the chances of a successful litter; in the meantime they can control heat with hormone treatments for both males and females, which is essentially doggie birth control.

Posted 3403 day ago

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