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how do i get rid of fleas ?

How do I get rid of fleas?

3910 day(s) ago

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Most of you must be having some sort of pets at your home but have you ever though what significant role does they play in your life. Being our best companion they are always there to share our loneliness and emotional breakdown and pull us back to our normal life. They are real stress busters of our life but we hardly make any attempt to keep them fit. For example you can restrict the growth of fleas and ticks on your pet with but jumping on conclusion is not enough. You need to discuss the same with your Vets also to make yourself sure about its usage.

Posted 1319 day ago

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Keeping your animal inside during flea season will decrease the chance of them coming in contact with fleas. Unfortunately, this season is year-round in coastal areas, and even in Alaska the season can stretch from May to October.

Fleas like to embed themselves and lay eggs in cloth, particularly fluffy materials like flannel. Washing fabrics in soapy water will kill both the fleas and eggs. If you are moving a rug, pick it up carefully so you don't spill the eggs onto the floor. Carpeting should be vacuumed, and vacuum canisters and bags should be removed outside the house to prevent recontamination.

A flea comb will remove the fleas from your pet, but the bugs you remove will still need to be killed. As soon as you see a flea on the comb, you will need to dip it into a cup of soapy water before it has a chance to jump off. Your pet should be combed out once a day.

Infestations can be treated using chemical agents, which kill the fleas, or herbal agents, which fleas have an aversion to. Chemical flea collars have been linked to health problems, especially in young pets; most owners are now opting for herbal versions. DO NOT USE ENVIRONMENTAL OR DOG-SPECIFIC TREATMENTS ON CATS. Cats are very sensitive to the chemicals used in these products, and may become ill or die if they are applied. Cats are also sensitive to some herbal materials like citronella, although the reaction won't be as strong.

Fleas in your yard can be killed off by spreading chemical compounds, or with natural products like borax and diatomaceous earth.

Posted 3910 day ago

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