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how do i make a movie ?

How do I make a movie?

4525 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
1. Create a screenplay: A screenplay combines a script with descriptions of character actions and settings. Some movie makers publish their screenplays as books, including storyboards and production information; you may want to pick up a couple to see how they put the film together.

2. Make storyboards: A storyboard is a quick drawing of what the camera will be seeing during the scene. Draw out each scene to figure out what you'll need for sets and where the camera and actors need to be.

3. Scout for locations: Now that you know what you want to film, you need to find places to film it. Some places have local film boards that will help you with locations, but if you have a small operation, you may just need to ask permission from the owners of the spaces you want to use.

4. Cast: Find actors and the additional crew you'll need for the film. In other words, see how many of your friends and family you can wrangle into being on and off camera.

5. Round up equipment: At the very minimum you will need a digital camcorder for video and a boom mike to record voices. Adding a tripod will help keep the camera steady and set up shots, while lighting equipment will greatly improve film quality indoors.

6. Film: With the actors, crew, equipment, storyboards, and sets in place, this should be a snap. Remember that what goes into the camera isn't the movie by itself: take all the shots you'll think you'll want and edit them down later. Since you're probably using volunteers, some snacks and drinks will go a long way toward keeping them happy.

7. Edit: Take your raw videos, cut them up, and past them together to make a movie. If you have a Mac, you probably have iMovie, and if you have a PC, you probably have Windows Movie Maker.

Posted 4525 day ago

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Question Title how do i make a movie ?
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