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Please help!!! 3:

Well today I had my science partner at my house and we were working upstairs in my room and the only person at the house was my mom outside mowin the lawn, well I'm only 13 and the shy type who's not into guys (I'm not lesbian) so we were working and he started kissing me and rubbing his hand down my legs, and I'm in total shock, well he started to go in my pants and before he could do anything I just said that my mom was done mowing, because I don't hurt people it's not in my nature, that didn't stop him, so I lost my patience and took my knee and kneed him in, errr, that area…

I feel so bad!!!! And awkward!!!! But more than shocked I feel worse that
I hurt someone!!! Please help!!!! :(

3509 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

That's sexual harassment- it sounds like that guy doesn't have any respect for you - if he keeps hitting on you like that then it is totally acceptable to use self defense/ get away from him. I'm not sure what you want to do about him but you might want to tell your mum if he keeps acting so horribly!- especially if you're only 13

Posted 3503 day ago

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