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if heart rate is less then 50 how we can improve it?

3229 day(s) ago

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Unless you are experiencing adverse symptoms, most doctors say that nothing need be done. However, I am not a doctor, and the little information I can provide here should in no way take the place of professional medical advice. If you are experiencing any adverse symptoms, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your condition is known as bradycardia, and it is a form of heart arrhythmia.

Bradycardia is defined as an adult heart rate of less than 60 beats per minute. Symptoms are rarely experienced until the heart rate drops below 50 bpm, but even then, some people with such a low heart rate live otherwise healthy and regular lives.

When symptoms are present from bradycardia, they may feel minor or severe, but any symptom connected with the heart is always considered severe. Some of the symptoms include the following:
Chest pains
Shortness of breath

If any of these symptoms are experienced, you need a diagnosis and treatment for the condition right away. There is not anything you can do to permanently raise your heart rate at home. You can temporarily raise it if your doctor allows you to exercise, but after the exercise, it will go back down again.

Bradycardia is usually treated with medication. In severe cases, a pacemaker may be implanted in your chest to monitor and control your heart rhythm. Sometimes another disorder is causing bradycardia. If so, that disorder will be treated in order to control your heart rate.

Interestingly, it is the goal of athletes to lower their heart rate. Regular exercise and regular strenuous activity trains the heart to work more efficiently, and it trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently. Many professional runners and other athletes that train daily have a heart rate below 50 bpm when at rest because they have conditioned their body through their vigorous exercise regimen.

Posted 3209 day ago

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Question Title if heart rate is less then 50 how we can improve it?
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